Extract – Author’s Note

Set against a backdrop of Stalin’s Moscow, Hierarchies of Greed offers all the lust, violence, murder, intrigue, suspense and pace you might reasonably expect from a conventional espionage thriller.
Here you will find the unlikeliest of heroes in the guise of Stanislav Ivanovich Paslov; a pint-sized Soviet MGB general with a corner office in the sinister Lubyanka. Paslov has a clever, plump, and adoring wife, an unfortunate choice in Bolshevik comrades, and a strong moral compass.
Following the opposite end of the same thread of conspiracy and betrayal is U.S. Intelligence chief and handsome loner-hero Gerald Hammond. Divorced, haunted by guilt, and driven by his own esoteric morality and ethics, Hammond offers a compelling contrast.
Two mismatched heroes for the price of one, while for every villainous beast there is beauty in abundance. The stunning, desolate, and cruelly abused Alesya Karelin, matched by the equally beautiful and secretly infatuated Theresa Tolstobrova. The severe and single-minded Olga Leonova contrasts with the emotionally damaged and sexually provocative Jacqueline Sobell.
Among these pages lurk the glamorous and ugly, misguided and devious, patriots, traitors, evil manipulators, erotic sirens and sadistic killers.
All straightforward adult-thriller stuff then. . ?
Of course not, because much of this story is true.
I leave you to define the boundaries between fiction and the strangest and most shocking of fact.

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