On being compared to Harold Robbins

I think some of those comparisons were intended as insults, but I felt hugely flattered.

Harold Robbins was one of the great twentieth-century novelists. Being likened to him, and being considered as ‘old fashioned’ doesn’t bother me in the least.

‘Old fashioned’ is another way of saying ‘it isn’t in fashion at this time’ because fashions are cyclic, and anyone who nails their colours to a particular ‘fashion mast’ is sooner-or-later destined for disappointment.

As for Harold Robins; I can still remember reading The Adventurers, and thoroughly enjoying it, and isn’t that the reason we write; to bring enjoyment into the lives of our readers?


n.b. I have Jann Robbins to thank for reminding me that Harold Robbins is still the world’s best-selling author, and still selling novels and making fans today; some 65 years after he first graced our bookshelves. . . My sincere thanks, to both Jann and Harold.