On why true democracy requires democratic process, not funny one-liners.

I think it is long overdue for me to address all those victorious Brexit voters, who decry any calls for a fresh vote or a new referendum as either the bleating of poor losers or an attack on the nation’s democratic soul.getimage
I am getting heartily sick and tired of the Brexit lot, screaming about the EU referendum being a legitimate product of Britain’s democracy, and let me tell you why. . .

True democracy must follow a democratic process, and the democratic process in Britain is very simpledemocracy-voting-rights-voting-restrictions-and-tricks-e1317240867973
A group of politicians, hereafter called a political party, makes a whole raft of promises before a general election, which they set-out, print and publish, in a manifesto.

Party manifestos allow each voter to make an informed decision before casting his or her vote, because they lay out precisely what each political party would do in the event of winning the upcoming election.

After the nation has voted and the votes have been counted, whichever political party has won a workable majority of the 650 parliamentary constituencies available then forms a government and sets about making good on the promises contained in their manifesto.General-Election-2015
At the end of five years that government and its manifesto are judged by the electorate at another general election. If the incumbent government hasn’t made good on their previous manifesto promises, or if they have dragged the country into economic chaos or anarchy or worse, the British public votes those duplicitous and incompetent politicians out of office and somebody else gets to make good on the raft of their promises, as outlined in their manifesto. . .

This is called a democratic process.
Brexit 350 million lieIn the E.U. referendum a group of self-serving politicians, hereafter called the Brexit campaign, made a whole raft of promises that, within two days of the result, were shown to be nothing more than a tissue of lies and misrepresentation. They did not produce a manifesto to allow voters to make an informed decision, because they had no idea of what would happen or of what they would do if they won.

And here’s another news flash for you. . . They still don’t.

Had the Brexit campaign been required to produce a manifesto I would hazard a guess that it would have articulated similar thoughts to those of defending council Joe Pesci in the feature film ‘My Cousin Vinny’, when he first stood up in court to rebuff the prosecuting council’s opening argument, and said. . . .maxresdefault (1)

“Everything that guy just said is bullshit!”

In My Cousin Vinny it was a great line for a laugh, but was it the basis for a nation of sixty-four million people to make an informed and serious decision on the irrevocable future path for themselves, their children, and their children’s children?e2da43305e8e11e5901ead845c7a62d9_big

No sane or rational person could think that it was, but that is precisely what has happened, with one notable exception . . . Instead of the likeable Joe Pesci’s funny one-liner, the British public was treated to an altogether unfunny one-liner that was intended to rebuff all rational thought and opposing argument. It went something like. . .

“That’s just Project Fear.”

The British electorate has been conned and cheated and lied to by a bunch of self-serving opportunistic politicians, of that there can be no serious argument, but unlike general elections that follow strict guidelines and a tried and trusted democratic process that same duped and cheated British electorate will NEVER be allowed to change its mind, alter its vote, or hold those lying opportunistic politicians to account.


For those polarised Brexiters who still haven’t figured it out yet, this is not called democracy. This is called the beginning of the end of democracy. . .

 Do you get it now?

Have a good one.

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