Et tu, Michael

A couple of days ago I wrote about Boris Johnson crossing the Rubicon, and said that he was now regretting it. Well, it seems the warnings from history just go on and on, but today it is fast forward five years or so (from 49 to 44 B.C.) and the fleeting champion of Rome finds himself lying in blood spattered tragedy on the Senate Floor, or at least it must feel like that to Boris Johnson.


If there was ever a more despicable act among so-called colleagues in the history of the Conservative Party I cannot recall it (and let’s face it there are plenty of examples to choose from). Even Geoffrey Howe’s betrayal of Margaret Thatcher pales by comparison.


And who was it, who conspired to commit this foul deed; certainly not the Noblest Conservative of them all, that’s for sure.

Not content with stabbing his long-time friend, colleague, party leader and Prime Minister in the back, not content with lying to a gullible British public about reducing immigration, not content with lying to that same gullible British public about diverting hundreds of millions a week from the European Community into the NHS, not content with courting the fascist UKIP vote in an effort to dupe the great unwashed into furthering his political ambitions, the man who was once the most despised Education Secretary in living memory has behaved even more despicably than even I thought possible.

Gove and Farage

I have to admit, though, I didn’t see this coming. From Gove’s abuse of his long-time friendship with David Cameron we all knew that he was duplicitous, but to stab his newest friend and colleague, and I might add ‘Leader’ of the victorious Brexit campaign so quickly and in such a brutal and underhanded way is absolutely gob-smacking.

I have been a Conservative supporter since the age of 14, when I stood as Conservative Party candidate at my school election, and was soundly thrashed by both the Labour and Liberal candidates, but if Michael Gove profits in any way from this appalling act of deception and betrayal I will never again vote for the Conservative Party.


Somehow I doubt they’ll care about losing my vote, but to Boris Johnson and the rest of the Conservative Party I would say. . .  remember the tale of the scorpion and the frog; fundamentally vicious nature cannot change. Please remember that when you decide upon our next Prime Minister.

And to all those millions of people, who voted for Brexit on the basis that they wanted Boris Johnson to ‘Take Back Control’ I would ask this. . . Why are you not furious?Boris-Johnson

You were lied to about everything; about immigration, about EU contributions, about the so-called Project Fear, even about the duplicitous Michael Gove’s political ambitions.

But, there you have it; they’re not and I am.

And so, the man many in Britain hoped would be the new Caesar is lying mortally wounded on The Senate Floor. The dastardly perpetrator, Michael Gove, is reaching for the ultimate prize that this shabby and sordid tissue of lies and betrayal has brought within his grasping reach.

brexit-copyI wonder how all those Brexiters feel now?

Have a good one.

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